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HR-10000 Zagreb
Folnegovićeva 10


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Quality policy


Focussing on customers' requests and their satisfaction with delivered products are the most important factors on the basis of which TEŽ TRGOVINA evaluates and assesses its entire performance and sucess.


In order be able to achieve, maintain and improve such values, we permanently commit ourselves to:

  • design products that will entirely satisfy customers' requirements and needs
  • maintain and develop partnership with suppliers
  • deliver products that will be in compliance with the highest quality requirements according to internationally recognized norms
  • deliver products to customers in a timely manner
  • recruit professional and ambitious staff that will be offered opportunities and will be obligated to continuously improve and develop its competence and knowledge
  • acquire the state-of-the-art information technology and communication resources as well as testing laboratory equipment, infrastructure and an relaxing working environment
  • develop new products in compliance with customers' requirements
  • apply and improve the efficiency of quality management processes and systems based on the requirements of the international norm ISO 9001 and to strive to exceed the requirements of such norms
  • set ambitious, measurable and feasible quality targets.

Every employee of the company TEŽ TRGOVINA shall be familiarized with quality control, it shall understand and accept it as a permanent principle in its own work.


Managing Director: :

Milan Lončarić