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Incandescent lamps

There exist a number of measures for improving the durability of a lamp, where we shall mention the more important. At places exposed to knocks and vibrations, use a lamp with a special construction or use a low voltages lamp. Low-voltage spirals are shorter, thicker and stronger with respect to high-voltage spirals. High-voltage spirals have, due to their length, a larger number of resonant points. Furthermore, releasing smaller currents through the spiral while the lamp is not lighting maintains the spiral in an elastic condition and reduces stresses in the spiral when igniting. Using a lamp at a lower voltage than the declared voltage significantly prolongs the life as is evident in the diagram.


Reducing the voltage by approximately 6% increases the life of the lamp twofold.


Note: avoid using direct current (DC).


Fuse built into the lamp

When the spiral burns out in the lamp, an arc discharge is created causing current to rapidly incease in the lamp's circuitry. In order to avoid burning out the fuse in the house's electrical installation, all the lamps with a double spiral have a fuse included. The built-in fuse, once the spiral burns out and an arc is created in the lamp, burns out and prevents the network fuse from blowing in the lamp's circuitry.