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High-pressure discharge lamps


High-pressure lamps meet the requirements for most indoor and outdoor lighting uses. High-pressure lamps work on the basis of arcing in pairs (mercury, halogenide sodium, thallium indium, dysprosium thulium holmium at high pressures within the envelope, upon which there occurs an intensively visible and invisible radiation. The envelope is made of fused quartz for mercury and metal-halogen lamps, and is ceramic (aluminium trioxide) for sodium lamps. The envelope includes noble gases in order to improve the lamps burning.


The envelope is built into the bulb which is filled with an inert gas so as to disperse the heat from the hot envelope and prevent oxidation. In order to improve the spectrum, some lamps have a fluorescent coating on the inside of the bulb which transforms the ultraviolat radiation to visible. Due to a discharge in the gas, the lamp must not be directly connected to the voltage network because self-destruction would occur.


Hence, the lamp must be connected to the ballast which limits the current to the declared current. An exception is the FLUOSOL lamp which possesses within the bulb a spiral made from Wolframum connected to the envelope. Sodium and metal-halogen lamps require a starter for proper burning.