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Incandescent lamps
Incadescent lamps have existed for over a hundred years. Due to characteristics such as their warm and pleasant colours, no flickering, achieving optimal luminous flux, easy handling and installation, they have become today the most prevalent sources of light in the world. Depending on their use, they differ according to shape, bulb size and construction of the incandescent filament or spiral.

Fluorescent lamps
Flourescent tubes represent a very economic source of lighting. Flourescent tubes guarantee sure switching for voltages of 230V ±10% using a standard inductor. Operation of the tubes requires a starter and ballast or an electronic circuit. Sure ignition is only possible using the appropriate starter. We recommend that used tubes are replaced along with the appropriate starter.

Energy saving lamps
An energy saving lamp is a light source offering closely to the same amount of light as an ordinary lamp, while consuming much less electrical energy and offering low thermal radiation and heating, thus producing five times less heating. Energy saving lamps are equipped with an electronic circut device gauranteeing 500,000 ignitions and ligthing without flickering.

Halogen lamps

The halogen lamp is manufactured from fused quartz of smaller dimensions with a characteristic bud shape. Due to its strpnger luminence characteristics and longer life-time than the standard lamp, the halogen lamp offers very wide applications. It is used for lighting shops, and shopping windows, exhibition areas, homes, hotel foyers, sporting fields, city squares and so on.

High-pressure discharge lamps

Used for lighting large areas where high-quality lighting and a high level of illumination is important especially for stadiums, tennis courts, sporting halls, exhibition areas and similar facilities.

Some light sources based on high and low-pressured gases (fluorescent tubes, high-pressure lamps and so on) must possess, in order to ignite, in their circuit an incorporated source of high-voltage impulses. Such impulses may be generated with the aid of a smoulder switch or special electronic device so that depending on the type of device, we differentiate between the smoulder and electronic starter.



Technical instructions
We desire that our products serve your uses a long time and reliably. In order to achieve this, we offer you in this chapter, additional information leading to their use and characteristics of our products, so that making a correct choice becomes easier. The longetivity of the light source specified in this catalogue is valid when used at the declared voltages, at room temperature and when not exposed to vibrations.

Katalog proizvoda PRODUCT CATALOG

Our product catalog available in PDF format you can download here.