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Welcome to the web site of the company Tvornica električnih žarulja in Zagreb


TEŽ trgovina d.o.o. (Ltd) was founded by the company TEŽ d.d. (SA) which started its production in 1929 by producing incandescent lamps. Throughout many years, due to its own development and cooperation with numerous business partners production and its product range have extended to some new lighting fixtures such as fluorescent lamps, public lighting lamps etc.


Today TEŽ trgovina d.o.o. is a successful distributor of a great range of different lighing fixtures: standard lamps (household lamps) candle lamps, decorative round lamps, standard reflector lamps, signal, resista lamps (lamps for special conditions), traffic signal lamps, low voltage lamps, high wattage lamps, halogen lamps, energy saving lamps, infrared lamps, fluorescent lamps, starters for FC lamps.


Public lighting lamps represent a very important segment of the product range consisting of: mercury lamps, sodium lamps, fluosol and metal halide lamps.


We guarantee high quality lamp products due to comprehensive researches carried out on them for the purpose of meeting all our requirements.


Our laboratory for technical light measuring and continuous quality control of products being in compliance with prescribed EU standards guarantees high quality products bearing TEŽ brand to our current and future customers.


As a successful distributor we are characterized by a highly professional approach towards work, long-term partnerships, long time experience in running business operation, motivated and professional staff in the purchase department, control, sales and distribution of our products and services.


The norms ISO 9001:2000 have been adopted.


Katalog proizvoda PRODUCT CATALOG
Our product catalog available in PDF format you can browse or download here.